From a  scrapbook of items connecting with Shooting a Rapist in New York City in 1983.

Redding Pilot story, Thursday, December 1, 1983
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Time Magazine Halloween humor column (which played a key role). The joking reference in Time gave warning to the Manhattan District Attorney''s Office that my case could potentially generate nationwide publicity and controversy.



Letter from my attorney Austin Campriello (Princeton '68) to Assistant District Attorney Kim Townsend making a last minute effort to persuade him to read the statute on Citizen's Arrest (by which standard my actions were legal) to the Grand Jury, and thereby de facto to throw the case.

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This letter, combined with a lecture delivered by phone at 2:30 AM the night before the Grand Jury, succeeded.


The Redding Pilot story resulted in my receiving this Christmas card.




Letter and enclosed check from Lee Sarah Liberman (now Lee Otis).

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