Detail of 1883 Map of Shenandoah Collieries from Commonwealth Atlas of Western Middle Anthracite Field. 



1905 undivided back post card.  "Imprisoned by a Fall of Rocks." A posed picture, and the miner is obviously safe enough for the moment, but the massive cracked timbers testify to the danger of cave-ins faced every day by the Anthracite miners. Published by Hooks and Brown Stationers.


1891 photograph. Breaker boys in Kohinoor Colliery, which was located west of Vine Street, between Centre and Coal Streets.


1901-1907 era undivided back postcard. Breakers boys in Shenandoah City breaker.  Boys too young to work in the mines could pick slate out coal being processed in the breaker.  The work was dangerous and painful, old men who had done it as boys used to testify. 


Undivided back post card, dated 1906.  High-spirited breaker boys pose on muleback after working hours. The photo is posed in front of a painted background.  It appears attributed to a number of town in the region.



Undivided back post card.  Kehley Run breaker. This colliery was located just north of the borough line, between Bower & Bridge Streets.



Later, linen era post card.  Misspelled "Keeley Run" breaker.



 Unidentified "Coal Breaker, Shenandoah, Pa." 


Indian Ridge Colliery, located East of town, between Lloyd and &. Centre Streets.


A view of Shenandoah from the southwest, in the vicinity of the West Shenandoah Colliery, overlooking the culm banks, circa 1910.  The writing says in Lithuanian: "Ar ne grazios apylenkis?" (sarcastically)  "Are not the surroundings beautiful?" The location of the Lithuanian church is also marked by hand.


West Shenandoah Colliery, located southwest of the town.