In the Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and for the County of Schuylkill, State of Penna.


    The following persons have filed their petitions for retail, wholesale, bottling and brewing licenses in the Office of the
 Clerk of the Court to January Sessions, 1902; said petitions will be presented to the Court on Wednesday, the 15th day
of January, A.D. 1902, and will be granted as of February 1st, 1902.




First   Ward        


Michael  Branka       Wholesale

Peter Lostowski       Retail

William   Nivinskl      Retail

Mike   Radusky         Retail

George  Wiszgurda  Retail

Steve J. O'Ravlch     Retail

John   Mayorosh       Retail

Paul  Posnock          Retail

Staney Rajakowski   Retail

Anthony  Daniszewicz   Retail

Jacob Onushchak    Wholesale

John   Gumasky        Retail

Wnsal   Roshinsky    Retail

William Sandusky     Retail

Matthew Auztalanis   Retail

B.  Wishinski             Retail

John Bojarski          Retail

Andrew Mikinowicz Retail

William Bolinsky      Retail

Felix Quinn                Retail

Joseph Patrick        Retail

Joseph  Mockaitis   Retail

George Bendlnsky   Retail

William   Peel           Retail

James P. Gallagher Retail

William  Moskiotls    Retail

Carl Lapinsky            Retail

John J. Foley             Retail

Bernard Leonard      Retail

John   Doyle              Retail

Anthony Yeraminas   Retail

Joseph Cosmarchlk  Retail

Sarah A. Fitzsimmons       Retail

Patrick   Elliot            Retail

John Ryan                 Wholesale

William   Rice            Retail

Anthony   Smith        Retail

John   Smajda           Retail

Hugh Stride, Jr          Retail

Anthony  Masis         Retail

Adam   Klimek          Retail

Joseph M. Miller       Retail

John   Troskosky      Retail

Michael Kurtz            Retail

Andrew   Bakalar      Retail

Martin   Chistock       Retail

Joseph  Yustlc,  Mike  Horlando

and  Mike Gerula      Wholesale

John  Busch,   Jr       Retail

Joseph  Murtin          Retail

Edward  Shenton     Retail

Frank Yanulavage   Retail


Second Ward.


Daniel J.  Thomas   Retail

Michael Kendrick     Retail

John J.  Hobin          Retail

William F. Keegan   Retail

James  McGinty        Retail

James  Comerford    Retail

Patrick Dillon            Retail

Peter Tlmony            Wholesale

Augustin Minchoff    Retail

Frank Wherrlty          Retail

Michael   Scully        Retail

James J. McGinty     Wholesale

Martin  Witmer           Wholesale

William  H. Moyer     Wholesale

Michael J. Leahy      Retail

Peter J. Litsch           Retail

Charles   Burchill      Retail

William W. Lewis      Retail

George Lambert       Retail

James H. Kelly         Retail

John F. Morgan        Retail

Rebecca Gebhardt   Retail

John Sostokowsky   Retail

John J. Post              Retail

Joseph Shukites       Retail

John Cosmarchike  Retail

John   O'Connell       Retail

Christ Lugan             Retail

M. J. Haughney        Wholesale


Third   Ward.


William ?yler             Retail

Joseph  Keller           Retail

Clement Piz              Retail

Fenwick W.Cooper  Retail

John T. Whitaker      Retail

Anthony Kigoulis      Retail

John J.  Lynch           Retail

Michael J. Holland  Retail

William Matthias       Retail

Jacob  Britz               Retail

Charles Brownmiller            Retail

Charles King             Retail

John Williams. Jr      Retail

Emil Frank                 Retail

Edward J. Hennessy           Retail

James McElhenny   Retail

J.  F. Hursh   Retail

Martin J. Lynch         Retail

John  Busch,   Sr      Wholesale

Peter   Zelinskl          Retail

Chas. D.  Kaler Co.,Ltd       Wholesale

Chas D. Kaier Co., Ltd        Brewers

James  J.   Quirk       Retail


Fourth   Ward.


Frank Karaszewsky Retail

George Martinkus     Retail

William  Benner        Retail

Wladyslaw  Walshefslin      Retail

John Grimas              Retail

Evan Evans               Retail

Catharine Roose      Retail

Joseph Miller            Retail

Albino Bonadimans             Retail

Anthony  Kendrick   Retail

I. J. Reilly       Wholesale

Peter Forster             Retail

John O'Neil              Wholesale

Christopher Devlin  Wholesale

Valentine  Krauter   Retail

George Trignitis        Retail

Franz Wolff                Retail


Fifth Ward.


Jenkin Grffiths           Retail

Thomas O'Neill         Retail

Joseph Lukosz         Retail

Joseph Dabkus        Retail

George W. Yaskiewicz        Retail

Frederick   Miller       Retail

John  Plasky             Retail

Peter Kunzig             Retail

William W. Wynn      Retail

Mary McNamara       Retail

Joseph Wyatt            Wholesale

Peter Kressly            Retail

Charles Kaunor        Retail

Patrick Dugan           Retail

Martin Goodoff          Retail

William  Summers    RetaiI

Kustantin Nawlcki   Retail

Joseph  Hughes       Retall

Thomas A. McGinty Retail

Zedori Dorowsky      Retail

William Ashman       Retail

William Houser         Retail

Bartoli Arnoldin         Retail




John W. Connelly     Retail

Catharine Thompson           Retail

William Wilkinson    Retail

P. J. McLaughlin       Retail

Matthew Dunlap       Retail

William McAvoy        Retail

Lewis  Kurtz              Retail

Arthur Houston         Retail

John McClosky         Retail